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Hand Dryer Jet Speed White Chrome JetMAX

Product Code: JetMAX WC
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Price : $400.00

Price: $400.00

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* Fire Retardant ABS Impact Resistant Plastic.
* Works on the power of air, rather than heat.
* Dries hands in 10 seconds or less.
* Comes wired, no need for expensive installation.
* ON/OFF Switch to reduce cost and vandalism.
* COLD/HOT AIR Switch for further control cost.
* COLLECTS ALL EXCESS WATER, leaving floors clean and safe.
* Air Filter to collect dust and only supply clean air.
* Saves on electricity cost, consumes less than half the electricity of a conventional hand dryer.
* Excellent design, CE Approved, quality finish.
* Suits any decor and takes less space than standard hand dryers.

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