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OXYGEN Powered Viva!e 60 Day PUNCH REFILL

VIVAe_Refill_21 July 2014.87_Punch
VIVAe_Refill_21 July 2014.87_PunchVIVAe Refill

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OXYGEN POWERED Viva!e PUNCH Refill Is A Tropical Sensation That Blends Light Fresh Citrus With Sweet Undertones Of CaribbeanMango & Sunripened Papaya – INTESITY LEVEL 3

Eco Friendly Air Freshner Refills Deliver 60 Days Continuous Intense Ambient Fragrance Throughout The Refill Life.

The Worlds MOST Environmentally Friendly Air Freshner, The Refill Is 100% Recyclable & Safe To Dispose Of In Your Regular Plastic Recycling Waste.  Less Waste, Safer Storage

When Refill Is Used Simply Dispose Off In Your Recycle Bin/Trash.  All Refills Are Carbon Foot Print Reduction Certified

Pure Concentrate Perfume Oil With Minimum 2-4 Times The Amount Of Perfume In Standard Air Freshening / Aerosol System

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