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Premium DIOR POISON 6000 Spray Aerosol Refill

Aerosol Refill 6000 A
Aerosol Refill 6000 BAerosol Refill 6000 DAerosol Dior


  • PRODUCT CODE 07757

Health Gard Premium DIOR POISON Aerosol Refill

Perfume In A Can.  An Intense Fresh Irresistable & Seductive Scent Will Enhance All Enviroments Both Work & Home. Great For Ladies Rest Room or Change Room

Anti Bacterial Formulated With An Odor Neutralizer & To Eliminate All Types Of Bad Odor

Premium Quality Perfume Sourced From UK

6000 Spray Each With American Valve & Actuator

Fits All Types Of Wall Mounted Dispense


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