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Baby Change Table Anti Bac VERTICAL


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Hospeco’s Precious Baby Change Table is Slim, Safe with Modern Design

Hospeco’s Precious Baby Change is manufactured with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of

odor and stain causing bacteria and helps reduce the risk of cross contamination

Made from PP Plastic, Stain, Chemical and Odor resistant

Tested & Certified Safe for up to 18 KG Weight

If you don’t think this item is a necessity, you’ve never tried to change a baby in a public restroom without one

When not in use, the Precious Baby Changing Table Folds up and lies flat against the wall

Includes 2 Liner Compartments, A Baby Bag Hook, a Shelf and Baby Strap for Added Safety

Open:     855 x 560 x 495mm    

Closed:   855 x 560 x 107mm

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