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Buying Guide For Disposable Gloves: Material, Quality


You might believe that disposable gloves are easy to choose. However, because they are intended to protect our hands, they will have to meet specifications for thickness, barrier safety, tensile, elasticity, and puncture resistance. Selecting the best possible disposable gloves is more complicated than simply looking for the cheapest option. The glove’s material and qualities,…

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Top 6 Hygiene Tips Hotels Should Consider To Safeguard Their Future


We can all agree on one thing: the Covid-19 sanitary crisis has had a massive and unanticipated impact on all of our lives.  The hospitality, travel, and tourism industries have been heavily affected, but the societal impact cannot be overlooked. Consumer behaviour, and ultimately consumer spending, has been and will continue to change, and business…

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Which Is Better: Manual or Automatic Sanitary Bins?

Sanitary Bin

You may believe that all sanitary bins are the same, but this is not the case. When selecting the perfect sanitary disposal unit, there are numerous factors to consider, including size, placement, cost, reliability, and how they will serve you.  Any competent employer understands the necessity of providing a comfortable and, above all, sanitary washroom…

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Germ’s journey starts in The Washroom


The Washroom Is Where A Germ Begins Its Journey Germs, bacteria, and viruses can be found in any environment. They are in the air we breathe, in the water, on the ground, and on almost any other surface, including our bodies. Some of the bacteria are harmless to humans, and some are even beneficial.  Many…

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Why is it Considered Incredibly Convenient to Use Wet Wipes?

wet wipes details

They’re easy to use, hygienic, and can be found in a variety of bags and homes: We’re talking about wet wipes, which have become synonymous with quick cleaning. Wipe demand has increased globally as a result of greater use of wipes in industrial and consumer applications, as well as modernisation and higher consumer awareness. The…

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Toilet Paper For Your Facilities

toilet paper

It’s just a matter of devoting several minutes to research the main types and specifications on washroom products with their cost-saving possibilities, durabilities, maintenance requirements, designs, and of course user satisfaction to level up your business’s image in the eyes of your customers. In this aspect, one of the primary things to consider for e…

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How Positively Hygiene Impacts Hospitality and Hotels


It’s no secret that the pandemic and subsequent lockdown had a major impact on our lives. It impacted almost all sectors in some way, with the hospitality industry having disproportionately large effects. Because of the pandemic, customers are more educated, aware, and vocal than ever before about their hygiene standards and the health consequences of…

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Why You Should Never Flush Sanitary Hygiene Products

never flush sanitary hygiene products

Most of the bathrooms in Australia provide sanitary disposal units for female users. These ensure that similar hygiene products will not be flushed down the toilet causing issues for the environment and plumbing systems. Similar blockages are not only inconvenient, but they are also costly for the building managers, or sometimes even the government to…

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Hand Dryer vs Paper Towels: The Hygienic Efficiency of Each

Hand Dryer vs Paper towels

Hand washing is considered to be one of the most important measures to reduce infections causing health deficiencies effectively. The fact that the transition of bacteria is more likely to happen from wet skin than from dry skin raises the importance of proper hand drying practices. Considering the variety of hand drying methods a question…

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Are Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes as Effective as Hand Sanitizers?

Are Anti-bacterial wet wipes as effective as Hand sanitizers

Anti-bacterial wet wipes vs Hand sanitisers? Effectiveness and Comfortability  There should be no doubt that good hand hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Hands hygiene can be achieved through hand washing, antiseptic hand rubs, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, foams, gels, and anti-bacterial wet wipes.  Typically,…

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Facility Management Fundamentals in Post COVID-19 Business World

post covid workplace

As communities and different business sectors slowly prepare for their reopening phase, the importance of creating strategic and practical plans for the safe transition to the post-COVID workplace rises.  Some facilities might require temperature checks, while for others social distancing will be the primary challenge. One way or another, there are some fundamental aspects that…

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12 Types of Garbage Bins And Their Importance

In any business, tidiness is a primacy to keep your customers, guests, and staff happy and comfortable. Choosing the right garbage bins or trash cans for your affirmation is exigent so that you can maintain high-level tidiness. Garbage bins come in different shapes, capacities, and sizes, for the specifics of your environment, use cases, and…

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Eco Friendly Products That Can Be Used in Hotel Housekeeping

Why is eco-friendliness essential in Hotel Housekeeping, and why will your business benefit from it? Recently, the hospitality industry has started to pay much attention to ecology and its impact. Furthermore, the whole world is jeopardized by various environmental issues, such as global climate change, ozone depletion, pollution, exploitation of resources, and so on. These…

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How To Choose The Right Soap Dispenser

Are you tired of the old traditional soaps, especially with their inconvenient and anti hygienic use in public spaces, shops, restaurants, and more? It’s time to choose more convenient and affordable alternative soap dispensers. When it comes to personal hygiene, soap dispensers play a huge role in providing us a safer use. Especially when we…

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Good Hygiene Protection From COVID-19: Tips to Keep You Healthy and Safe

To be able to fully understand, protect and adjust our lifestyle to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 we need to, first of all, understand the system and the process of how the virus is being spread. Background Information How are respiratory viruses like coronavirus spreading? Experts assume that the transition of the…

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20 years commited to hygiene and cleaning industry

Hospeco 20

Many thanks for your valuable business over the years and your continued support. The past few years have seen tremendous change, progress and exciting challenges within our industry. At HOSPECO the last 24 month have been an amazing period, we moved into larger premises in Sydney allowing us to expand our range and hold more…

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Oxygen-Powered Technology

Fuel cell technology has been around for a while in applications that range from large-scale power production to miniature fuels cells used in portable devices to power satellites, computers and medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers. Unlike traditional batteries, they are essentially simple and operate silently, with few or no moving parts. They…