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DEB Stoko RESTORE Dispenser 1 LT – BioCote


Price $28.75

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Product Code RES1LDS
Brand DEB Stoko

DEB Stoko RESTORE BioCote Dispensr 1 Liter For use with Stokolan Light PURE, Stokolan Classic and Stokolan Intense Cartridge

Suitable for use in Outdoor, Heavy Industry, General & Light Industry, Office/Commerical/Leisure, Medical Rooms, Laboratories, Food Service & Food Catering

This dispenser has a unique locking system to help prevent unauthorized access and contamination.

It has a mess free design which won’t drip or clog

It can be mounted on a wall for easy accessibility

It has an easy to use push pump system to dispense the liquid wash

It comes with usage instructions that are easy to understand

This dispenser is fitted with a sight window which indicates the level of liquid inside which helps to identify when the cartridge needs to be replaced

With Green design and is colour coded to the matching cartridges to make it easy to identify the correct refill.