V-Metallic UV light Sticky Glue Board Insect Trap



2 x glue boards
1 x Philips-Siemens UV light

* Utilizes Special UV-A light to attract insects which will be killed upon touching the glue board.
* Modern Design, Shaped as a decorative Light Fitting.
* Wall Mounting, Metal With White Powder Coating.
* Insect Killer Standard EN60335-2-59.
* Unique 3 Side Open Design.
* 1 Glue Board will last 2-3 month With Anti UV Function.
* UV-A Light Average 8000 HOURS.
* Special UV Light, works even under direct sunlight.
* Each Unit in Box comes with Instruction Manual.
* Recommended for Areas UP TO 80 Square Meters.
* 1 X 18 Wat U SHAPE UV-A Light.

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Weight 3.50000000 kg
Dimensions 22.00000000 × 35.00000000 × 31.00000000 cm