Professional 400mm Squeegee Cassette System Yellow

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  • Heavy-duty squeegee with detachable cassette system
  • GREEN DURA-FLEX™ rubber – a unique, natural mousse rubber, with superior elasticity recommended when hygiene is extremely important
  • Perfect density so it does not absorb water
  • With a natural skin that adds strength, helping prevent bacteria from harbouring
  • The rigid frame stays solid on the ground
  • Working temperature range:
    – Body: Up to 79°C
    – Rubber: -40°C up to 79°C
  • Reversible double rubber blade for twice the cleaning power
  • Recommended for use with:
    – Professional Aluminium Handle with plastic sleeve series (BH-6000)
    – Professional 400mm Squeegee Cassette System refill (BH-5100)
  • Dimension: W400 × D50 × H95mma
  • 6 Packs per carton