Woosh Pet Ear Wipes 30’s


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Our Pets have senstive ears that require regular maintenance to prevent infections.

Woosh Pet Ear Wipes offers an easy , convenient, hasale free solution for pet owners to clean thier pets ears.

Simply pull a piece from the packet and gently start cleanign the outer ear slowly working inwards.

Each economical Woosh Pack contains 30 Wipes, 40 gsm each and large 150 x 200 size.

*Chlorhexidine to reduce bacteria and inflammation
*Witch Hazel to dissolve earwax
*Persimmon extract to control odour
*Spunlace fabric that’s soft yet durable
*Suitable for regular use on cats and dogs.
*Made with durable and soft Spunlace fabric.
*Natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic formulation.
*Mesh cloth traps dirt effectively with witch hazel to dissolve earwax.