Zappy Insect Repellent Wet Wipes 8 Individually Wrapped Packets per Box


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Zappy Insect Repellent wipe is a DEET-free wipe that offers effective and long lasting protection against mosquitoes and a broad range of stinging insects including sand-flies.

It contains IR3535 that helps to protect against Aedes mosquitoes that carry Dengue and Zika Virus.

The pocket-friendly wipes are safe and non-toxic on the skin, making it a useful product for both adults and children.

Recommended to be used at home, travel or outdoor use.

Convenient and effective mosquito protection for 8 hrs, deet free and non-toxic, safe for children.

✔Well tolerated by skin
✔8-hours protection
✔Quality product

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 cm