Safety at work

Small business rebate

The rebate provides up to $500 to small business owners and sole traders in NSW who buy and install equipment to make their workplace safer.

Changes have been made to support small business and sole traders in NSW that have recently been impacted by a natural disaster, state of emergency or COVID-19

  1. Any sole trader or small business owner that has completed an eligible event with SafeWork after 1 August 2019 has 12 months to apply for the rebate.
  2. New workplace hygiene items are also eligible. Please check “What can I buy? – Hygiene products” below for more information.

Before you apply

You need to:

  1. check the terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible
  2. attend a free eligible event or arrange a free advisory visit from a SafeWork NSW officer
  3. buy and install eligible safety items to address a safety problem in your workplace.

Watch this short video on how to claim the $500 small business rebate

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible?

If you meet all the following criteria, you’re eligible to apply for a small business rebate:

  • you’ve attended an eligible event (eg free SafeWork NSW safety workshop, webinar), or had an advisory visit or digital engagement with a SafeWork NSW officer
  • you are the owner of a small business or sole trader who employs less than 50 people (equivalent full time)
  • you haven’t previously received a small business rebate from SafeWork or WorkCover NSW
  • you’re conducting a commercial business producing goods or providing services in NSW
  • your business is registered in NSW and comes within the scope of the work health and safety legislation in NSW

Details of who is not eligible can be found in the terms and conditions.

How do I apply?

Within 12 months of attending the advisory visit, safety workshop, program or event, you must:

Your application may be delayed if the form isn’t complete, tax invoices/receipts are not attached or details are incorrect.

What can I buy?

Hygiene items


Temporarily eligible to support business hygiene measures during COVID-19.

  • Portable hand sanitiser stations*
  • Fixed hand sanitiser stations*
  • Fixed disinfectant wipes dispenser*
  • Safety signs for COVID-19 workplace arrangements e.g. fixed hand sanitiser stations and disinfectant wipes stations
  • Bins with hands free lid operation (foot pedal or sensor)*
  • Sneeze/ cough guards
  • Roller cleaning buckets
  • Chemical storage

*limit of 5 per application


  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bin liners
  • Other hygiene items not listed

If you’re unsure if your item is eligible, please email us.

What can’t I buy?

Items not eligible

  • GST, freight and insurance costs
  • the design and manufacture of new safety items or items that you have had designed and manufactured to your specifications. Items must be existing manufactured items that meet relevant standards and available from commercial outlets
  • purchase of raw materials, for example making shelves from wood, nails, screws
  • service repairs or maintenance eg. engine and motors
  • sponsorship arrangements, including funding of events, educational programs or materials, advertising, or consultants
  • normal business operating expenses, including general business administration, computers and software, ergonomic furniture (items such as chairs, keyboard and mouse), housekeeping, amenities, assets/equipment, repairs, maintenance, servicing
  • normal safety requirements including licensing, certification, fines, testing and auditing services, return-to-work, rehabilitation, counselling or vaccination services
  • training fees or courses – training needs to be reinforced with safety tools eg knowledge of manual handling needs to be supported with the right manual handling equipment or modifications to the work environment in order to have greatest impact on injuries
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) – for the majority of risks, PPE is deemed to be the lowest control, and funds should not subsidise perishable items eg sun creams, disposable gloves, vests, etc. PPE items are not presently covered in current rebate programs
  • non-tangible items – safety solutions need to have a direct impact on safety, and clear eligibility criteria in order to approve and process rebate payments
  • backdated improvements made prior to attending an eligible SafeWork NSW safety event
  • domestic, recreational or social products or equipment including items for home-based businesses that may be deemed as being used for domestic/household purposes or contributing to the value of residential assets.
  • items and services that are not purchased from a registered business ABN/ACN/BRN and do not meet all relevant standards, approvals, local government and legislative requirements.

What do I need to complete my application?

  • a tax invoice from a supplier with an ABN. The tax invoice should show a nil balance or note proof of payment. A ‘PAID’ stamp across the invoice is not sufficient
  • a receipt for payment in full for the goods (or proof of payment)
  • details of your eligible event – where, when, with whom.  If you attended a webinar, attach your certificate of attendance.
  • your business details including ABN, trading name, business bank account and workers compensation policy number (if applicable).

Read the terms and conditions for more information.

If I apply. Will an Inspector visit my workplace?

Not as a result of receiving the rebate. The rebate is given out to help you adopt solutions to address high risk safety problems in your workplace.

An Inspector might visit if there are concerns an item has not been installed or we need to check the item is being used as intended eg. machine guards.

Things to keep in mind

  • the rebate is for a maximum of $500.  For example, if you have a solution that totals $250 then you will receive $250 or, if you have one or many (different) eligible solutions that total $2,800 you will receive $500.
  • you can claim for more than one eligible solution on your application form but can only apply once for the small business rebate. For example, you could purchase a number of safety solutions to prevent falls from a height – such as scaffolding, edge protection and industrial fall arrest equipment – and include all three invoices in your one rebate application form
  • you must buy your goods after your eligible interaction with SafeWork NSW
  • make sure the copies of your tax invoice(s) and receipt(s) you scan and send are clear and easy to read
  • applications are usually processed within 4 weeks of being received (if all information is complete and correct)

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